Since the invention of the Internet, people’s behaviour has changed to a high extent. And since we’ve started using smartphones, every aspect of life has changed completely.

However, we are not going to talk about the pros & cons of the existence of the Internet. We’d like to emphasize on the impact of the Internet access on the way we buy things.

A few years ago, in 2011, Jim Lecinski introduced his book called “The Zero Moment of Truth” (or ZMOT). He describes how buyers behaviour has changed over time and what are the factors for this change.
We found this book as relevant as ever and we thought it’s a good idea to go through the theory once again. Thus, you can use it to improve your marketing strategy. While reading this article, you might think that you know all these facts. However, considering them one more time will certainly help your business flourish.

To begin with, you need to understand what ZMOT means. It is “the precise moment when people have a need, intent or question they want answered online” about a product, brand, or anything else. This sort of a revolution in the customer’s attitude is also known as “pre-shopping”.

Imagine this – you are planning your next family vacation. You’d like to visit Barcelona. You have a certain budget and you are looking for a hotel based on price, reviews and the ratings of the places. For us, as human beings, what others think is of significant importance when it comes to decision-making.

Why do they call it “the ZERO moment of truth”? In the process of making a purchase decision, there were two main phases. The first and the second moment of truth. A few years ago, things were quite different. After you’ve got the thought or the need of buying a particular item, you go to the store, take a look at it, and make your choice whether to buy it. This is called the first moment of truth. The second one is when you are already trying the product you’ve bought and get the experience of using it.

By 2016, Google further connected the paths by adding two more moments – FMOT and SMOT, or the so-called “Micro Moments”.

Then came the Internet that “empowered people to know more about the product than the person selling it to them”, as Douglas Karr (Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer) says. In the zero moment of truth, we do several things before going to the actual store. All in order to get the best item without spending too much time choosing it.

Our constant access to the Internet, thanks to our smartphones, helps us search, read reviews, watch videos and ask people from our network before purchasing the particular product. In fact, the number of people who do all these things while being in the store has increased significantly over the past few years.

To prove everything we’ve said so far, we will give you some statistics. According to Google internal data, “more than 100 billion searches are answered by the search engine every month and ⅓ of all consumer packaged good searches originated from smartphones”. (“ZMOT: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever”)

If you have reached this point of the article, you are going to be awarded. We will give you our piece of advice on how to win this “zero moment of truth” in order to increase sales and strengthen your brand.

It’s not hard to win the zero moment of truth if you have the right strategy.

As you’ve probably already understood, it’s basically about getting closer to your customers and getting to know their needs and behaviour. The consumers have changed the marketing rulebook. Yet there are still some main points you need to have in mind when developing a successful plan.

Your brand is what people say it is

That’s why you need to make sure that people are satisfied with the experiences you give them and share this positive experience with others. Social media is a powerful tool for becoming a recognized and trusted brand.

Find your zero moments

This means to get to know what is interesting for your customers and give them what they need. An easy way to do it is to uncover what people are searching for. Google Trends is a helpful tool which can give you tons of information about what is popular in your field.

Be there in the right moments

A moment of truth is always a moment that matters. That’s why you need to be present whenever your customers need you and answer their questions. Always give them the right answer and the ones they can find any time, anywhere – be mobile friendly.

Be visual

According to the statistics, a video might increase sales as it did for Dermablend. Showing people how your product works and how they can benefit from it, is crucial to your success. Humans are visual creatures and we need to see something with our own eyes so we have enough trust to purchase it.

We hope our post is practical for your business and you are always welcome to share your experience and thoughts about “The Zero moment of Truth” with us.

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