Having your website on an HTTPS connection is one of the 2017 ranking factors. Although these were only suggestions a few weeks ago, now it is official. Switching from HTTP to HTTP is a must if you want to keep your ranking on Google.

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP stands for the hypertext transfer protocol. As its name suggests a protocol to transfer hypertext, or in two words – your website.

A normal connection can be insecure and, unfortunately, your users’ data may be stolen – when they fill out a contact form on your website, for example.

However, if you set up an SSL certificate on the website’s server, it allows you to communicate on an HTTPS connection. S stands for  Secure.

By doing this, you ensure that all content sent from your site will be encrypted so that it can only be read by your server.

Will it make your website slower?

While HTTP’s main benefit is that it increases the speed of your website, the difference between loading times is minimised to an extent where it’s not noticeable for the user.

How will it affect your ranking on Google?

Google has recommended that all websites communicate on an encrypted connection. Now they got serious about it.

From October 1st, websites using HTTP connection will be marked as “not secure” in the cases when there is any kind of data collection. This includes contact forms, newsletter signup fields, etc.

Simply, this means that if you ask your users to provide any information through your website, and you don’t have an SSL certificate, you will rank lower.

Here, at Crunch, we want our clients’ websites to perform as good as possible. This is why we offer to purchase the SSL certificate for you and transfer your website on a secure connection.

As always, you can rely on us and have everything in one place. Just give us a call if you’re interested.

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