SEO – the best way to success

Millions of people search online everyday to find information.Therefore it makes sense for companies to have their products visible – and this is where SEO shows up.

Imagine that you would like to find a cheap vacation for the summer and that you need to find information about it. You turn on your computer, go into a search engine and type “cheap vacation for the summer”. A lot of results will show up in an order with a 1, 2, 3 and so on.

This order isn’t just random – the companies who is on top of the lists are the ones who are really good at using SEO. They optimize their websites and the content so it is visible on the search engines. They choose relevant words that they think clients would search for in order to get more visiters to their website. When a client sees the search engine list, he or she is often most likely to choose one of the 3 first results – and therefore it is important for you to SEO optimize your website.

Below is a little guide of how to use SEO.

First of all – SEO can be divided into two different groups: on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Group 1 / On-page optimization

When you’re looking at on-page optimization you’ll primarily focus on the content and the structure of your website.
Start by making your website as accessible and user-friendly as possible. This makes it easier for the search engines to access your content and estimate if your website is relevant enough.

Search words

Search words are the fundamentals of a search. The search engines returns to those websites that are most relevant to the words that the target groups search for. Therefore it is very important to implement the search words that is used the most.

Here are 3 steps to find the best search words.

– Think about search word that describes your company
– How would you answer clients needs

Get data
– Ask your clients how they found you
– Take a look at what creates traffic on your website right now

Use search word tools
– Use tools like AdWords to examine how many searches there is for the search words you have been choosing and how much competition there is.

After you have found the right search words they need to be implemented on your website.

Group 2 / Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is about using the social media and link-building. The search engines really likes if you use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It shows that you are available more places.


Link-building is actually the most important part of off-page optimization and especially external link-building is important.
Intern link-building is when you link to different places on your own website. External link-building is when you link to different websites on your own website. The search engine loves when you link to other websites than your own, because it shows that the content is relevant and credible. But always remember that the search engine can track where your links are coming from and see how many links you get – so not cheating on links.

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