There was a surprise for many what happened in the USA the past few weeks. Americans made their decision and now they have to live with it. And if we take out the political part of this story, we can say that there is a clear winner in the constant battle for public attention. What can you as marketers learn from the presidential elections and how can you implement it in your marketing strategy? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Define your audience

People can love you or hate you. It is extremely hard to change people’s minds once they have decided not to like something. You should simply accept this fact and target the ones who are your fans. To approach them and talk to them in their language, not with some complicated terms. Most important – appeal to their emotional side and affect their feelings in a positive way.
So, if you haven’t done it yet, find your target audience and do your best to keep them.

2. Stay true to your beliefs

Find your core values and stand for them. Changing your company’s message in a way that shows inconsistency might confuse your customers and make them run away from you.
It is true that people change minds very often based on emotions or financial issues but if you show that your product is high-quality and is worth the money and if you truly believe that and don’t make compromises with your reputation, you can only win.
Let’s put it like this : “If you try to make your product appealing to everyone, you’ll ultimately end up appealing to no one.” says Gregg Schwartz in his article. Aristotle said it many years ago – “Friend to all is friend to none”. Think about it.

3. Be memorable

Easy to say, hard to achieve. But if you always choose your comfort zone, sometimes you might end up being boring and not noticeable. A little bit of “wow” effect – something that we don’t see everyday like a slightly shocking post on social media (but still not in conflict with your main values) can make people talk about you. And while some people might find it inappropriate and don’t get what you mean, there will be many who will.
Social media is a powerful tool for making your company popular and giving people something to remember can and will be in your favour.

4. Good communication is crucial

Don’t let your own ambiguity and desire for brand differentiation get in the way of clear, accurate, easy-to-interpret communications. It could cost you dearly in the long run.

Show your product’s benefits rather than pointing out your competition’s disadvantages. This approach to communication of your brand will make you look nice in the eyes of your target audience and in the same time provoke the positive emotions which are more likely to drive people to make a purchase.

Last but not least – don’t lie. Nowadays, all people have the superpower to use the Internet and check the authenticity of every statement you make so lying to your customers is the one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

5. Marketing is everything

The World has seen so many crazy ideas going viral, so many people are constantly buying useless products, making insane choices and huge amounts of money are being spent every minute on whatnot.
Using the right marketing strategy can sell you in just a few minutes. It includes targeting the right people and talking to them in the correct way. Moreover, it is also about choosing the exact channel to reach them and making your message clear.
In addition to all that, you must build a human connection with the people you are making business with and not get lost into being too formal.

And once again – don’t try to please everyone because you might end up skipped by all.

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