Not all businesses need to invest huge amounts of money on advertising if they want to attract more people to visit their website. Modern technologies give us the opportunity to reach out to our customers through various channels. We only need to find which ones work best for our company’s needs.

1. Facebook remarketing

Undoubtedly, one of the best promotion tools is Facebook – both for B2B and B2C companies. In 2015, there were 40 million small businesses on Facebook, according to their data. This means that people are expecting you to be there, to be social.
Facebook can bring traffic to your website for sure.To start with, we introduce you to “remarketing”.
By installing a Facebook tracking pixel on your website, you can continue marketing customers even when they leave the site. This will definitely increase the number of return visitors which may turn out to bring you new clients.

2. Facebook email custom audiences

As we said, Facebook is great for marketing. Another thing you can do using the “social network” is to communicate with people from your email list. By uploading that list on Facebook, you can find the social profiles of people who have shared their emails. This means that you will be able to market them on the go – on their mobile devices.

3. Email newsletter for More Website Traffic

I guess we all know how emails can be useful for social media promotion already. But the email newsletter can bring quite a lot of traffic as well.
So building an email list might turn out to be crucial for business promotion – not only using it for social media, but also sending out a newsletter with amazing content or special offers for your existing and potential customers.
And don’t forget to include a newsletter opt-in on your website.

4. Write a blog

It’s proven that blogging does drive traffic. Mike Templeman, founder of Foxtail Marketing, writes in his article: from 2 blog posts weekly they have increased the number to 10, and it brought them 300% more traffic in just 2 months. Companies have tried and succeeded, so just start writing about what interests your audience. And be patient. Keep reading.

5. Promote your blogs on Facebook

Since everybody is using social media nowadays, it’s really really hard to compete with other companies for the organic reach?. As a matter of fact, only people who already like your page will see your post if you don’t use paid advertising. And since 40% of all Facebook users don’t like any brand pages, you may need to consider investing a small amount of money on Facebook paid advertising. A good strategy is to have a campaign featuring your blog posts and target your custom audience and remarketing audience.

6. Search engine optimization

Last, but not least – optimize your website for the search engine spiders. You might have read that a thousand times but yes, content is most important when it comes to SEO. So create great content and don’t be afraid to experiment with new stuff.

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