You have a well-designed company website but somehow the results are not as good as you expected. Have you ever wondered what the reason might be? In a recent research, we’ve noticed some of the essential features of excellent website performance.

Check if your website is missing one of the things on this list.

Calls to action

A call to action button (or CTA) is something that you should definitely include on your website.It is a useful tool for collecting information about people who are visiting your website and are interested in your products and services.

Either it’s a newsletter “subscribe” button or just a link to some related products or articles, it is one of the best ways to keep visitors on your website. Of course, these call-to-action buttons should lead to something worthwhile.

Newsletter Opt-in

Speaking of call-to-action buttons, it’s a great idea to have a newsletter sent occasionally to your clients who had subscribed. It’s basically the digital version of the free magazines and newspapers we can find in our mailboxes.

First of all, think about the content of the newsletter and if you are able to provide your customers with valuable information, not just random ads of products. As you might guess, sending offers as a newsletter could increase sales. It is also a great way to build a relationship with clients which is a long-term return on investment. Show them that you care!

So make sure that your newsletter sign-up button is recognizable and attractive to the visitors and start creating appealing newsletters.

Social media links

For the time being, social media is a huge part of our everyday life and there is no doubt that it is a useful tool for deeper market penetration.Social media is a free channel through which you can reach a broader audience and easily communicate with customers.

Every successful business needs to be present on social media. However, an influential part of your social media strategy is including links to profiles on your company website.

Social media business profiles and pages can be incorporated into your website in different ways. You should at least have links to your various profiles on the template of your website. We will also recommend that content you provide is accompanied by a button for easy sharing.

Contact form

First of all, providing your contact information on the template of your website could be crucial for your business. Depending on your choice of connecting people, you can include different channels – email address, phone number, store address, etc.
Secondly, technology has given us the opportunity to simplify things using contact forms directly on our website so customers have the possibility to quickly ask a question and get the information they need.

Who wouldn’t want to do things in the easiest way possible? Why open thousands of new tabs when we can already send emails directly from the website we are on? Only filling in several boxes and connection between you and your customer is established. Cool, right?

Responsive design

Since browsing the Internet through mobile devices is becoming more and more common, you must consider optimizing your website for smartphones and tablets. “Responsive design” means that your website will look just as good on mobile devices as on desktop ones. And all of the features you’ve included won’t be missing or looking weird when viewed on smaller screen.

Furthermore, don’t forget to keep up-to-date with the latest trends because this is how you show respect to your customers – wanting to make them happy and satisfied with the experience on your website.

Search engine optimization

Letting the search engines find your company website easily is crucial for your business, especially when you rely mainly on online marketing. Responsive design and social media presence are a big part of search engine optimization, yet there are many other ways to be on top of the results when potential customers are looking for you. It might be quite hard to do for non-professionals but there are a lot of competent companies who provide SEO service.

So get to know the latest updates regarding SEO or trust someone who knows it to do it for you. Be present to be recognized.

We hope that after going through this list, you will be aware of the necessary features of a great business website and it will help you improve your online marketing results.

If you have any further questions or you want to share your experience with us, leave a comment below.

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