Less is more – keep it simple

If you want your website to stand out and engage the visitor, it’s better to keep everything simple. Some call it the KISS design principle – “keep it simple stupid”. Basically, it means that your website theme should consist of as few elements as possible so it doesn’t become confusing for the user.

Furthermore, a simple layout with a well-structured and easy navigation is good for the SEO of your website. Google loves websites with a good structure and a clean back end.


Unfortunately, not many people consider website support when choosing a website theme. Many clients come to us frustrated by different website building platforms (paid or free) which offer only limited or no support. This might turn out a disaster, especially if the owner doesn’t have much technical knowledge.

If you choose to work with a digital agency, you are more likely to get the necessary information and support. A big help might be if you read reviews and check the ratings in advance so you know who you trust to build your website.

Responsiveness of the website theme

A major factor for good website usability is the responsiveness of the website theme. This means that your website is optimised for various screen sizes – mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Choosing a theme that is responsive, helps you engage your website visitors with a better experience as well as ease of use. Furthermore, Google has made responsiveness a ranking factor because of the increase in mobile device usage.

You are not sure if your website is mobile-friendly? Check it here.

Browser compatibility

Although Chrome and Safari are widely used browsers, there are still many people that are visiting your website from different browsers. This means that your website theme should be optimised for all of them.

Using a website theme that is cross-browser compatible ensures that you will not use potential customers.

Relevance for the industry

Make sure you choose a website theme that is appealing to the audience. Tyre shops and hair salons usually have quite a difference when it comes to target groups. You are the one who knows your audience best so it’s up to you to choose a website theme that is relevant for the industry and users you are targeting.

Having a website that fits both your primary target group and the industry you are in, ensures you will attract potential customers online and they will engage with what you have to offer.


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