As we have entered the new year, we wish you all a prosperous and successful 2018! Many people start the year by making a list of resolutions that most of the time don’t work. Yet, in the world of online marketing, setting up goals can be a good way to reach them. But how do you set milestones for the world of online marketing? Since it’s constantly changing with the rising of technology, you’d better stay up-to-date with the marketing trends for 2018.

1.Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications (or IMC) is the concept of ensuring that all communication channels and messages are linked together. In general, IMC means that all your promotion should be consistent.

In 2018, it will become even more important for communications to be integrated into the customer journey so companies don’t lose clients along the way. As you probably know, the buying process has many levels starting from the “zero moment of truth” and going through different stages until and even after the purchase is completed.

Crucial parts of the integrated marketing communications are:

  • Welcome emails – when a user registers or subscribes
  • Follow-up emails – to remind them of you and the product they are interested in
  • Sending out offers – carefully choose them and they will work
  • Remarketing – appear on different platforms to become recognisable

2.Personalised Customer Journey

For the customer, just like for every human being, it’s important to be cared about. To show them that you cherish them, you should create personalised content. And it should go through the whole customer journey.

SmartInsights have come up with an “experience personalisation pyramid” which looks like this:


[Image source:]

The pyramid is a handy tool to analyse the level of personalisation you have currently. Following the steps from the bottom to the top, you will be able to create a unique experience for every customer.

  • Optimisation – Google Optimize is a tool that provides website testing and personalisation features to create experiences that engage your customers online.
  • Segmentation – by giving special content to different user groups, you create a specific experience for each of them.
  • Personalisation – going on a deeper level and producing individual experiences can be achieved with the help of AI.

3.Video Integration in the Customer Journey

There have been tons of articles on the importance of video in 2017. As we expected, video will remain an essential marketing tool in 2018 as well. Yet, placement in the customer journey process is critical. If you manage to catch the attention of your potential customers at the right time, your video ads will be extremely successful.

And, of course, they should appear on YouTube which is officially the second biggest search engine.

What we would suggest as a type of video content is explanatory videos like “how-to” guides, for instance.


4.Content Marketing

Have you heard that “Content is king”? And it will continue to be in 2018. In fact, it will be one of the most common sources of customer engagements.

Which is exactly what you would like to do to boost your sales – to build a relationship with your customers. By providing them with useful content and reaching them through various media.

The world of marketing is clearly going towards a customer-centric approach and we will start hearing more and more often about customer-centric analytics. We will discuss this in another blog post soon.

5.Big Data

Big data has been a trend for many years now but in 2018 it will become an inseparable part of the online marketing strategy of many companies. And luckily, not only big enterprises will be able to access it. In 2018, smaller businesses will get their hands on big data in order to optimise their profits.

If companies embrace big data, it can lead to a significant boost in sales which after all, is the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

Big data can also help companies get to know their customers on a more personal level, which leads us back to the customer-centric marketing. In the near future, many businesses will face the necessity to actually take advantage of personalised customer experiences.


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