The New 2017 has been here for a few days already. We hope you have already started taking the most of it. That’s why we decided to remind you the 3 biggest online marketing trends that will dominate the next 360 remaining days. And probably longer.

1. The rise of augmented reality

Even though the excitement around Pokemon Go dropped down significantly, it left us some valuable lessons.

Most importantly, it showed us that users are ready for augmented reality (AR) experiences. As a result, remarkable changes are happening in the marketing itself. Thus, we expect to see more AR ads and games in 2017.

2. Live videos

These days users tend to demand more in-the-spur-of-the-moment content, making them a part of something big happening somewhere in the world.

Because we have mobile devices with faster Internet, live video has become a trend of its own. As more and more apps and social media platforms allow live video streaming, we can clearly see it on top this year.

3.Immersive marketing

Content marketing has given consumers the opportunity to see everything. To read a lot. To be entertained and involved. Every company is working hard to provide their customers with tons of valuable content.

This increased the competition and market leaders and innovators are trying to find new ways to engage the audience, and developments in technology support them.

Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have introduced 360-degree video, and some brands are already experimenting with the format for an appealing and entertaining experience.


Therefore, we suggest you embrace the opportunities that technology gives. And make 2017 a big year for your company.

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