You have probably heard about the new mobile game Pokemon GO – topic number one everywhere these days. In case you haven’t, we will shortly describe it for you. It’s a free location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Using the GPS and camera of compatible devices, the game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on the device screen as though in the real world.

Since its release a few weeks ago (July 6, 2016), it has rocked the Internet world by being considered as one of the most successful mobile games ever.

Thoughtful marketers have already found a way to take advantage of the popularity of Pokemon GO. And it turns out it’s not hard at all because only in the USA there are almost 25 million active users every day. (This beats even the most popular dating app, just so you know). The world is obviously crazy about Pokemon Go. And this gives you the opportunity to use it as your next marketing campaign. Want to know how? Keep reading.

pokemon go

Using the location of your store/office for Pokemon Go

If it happens that your local business is a Pokestop (a place where you can get specific items), a Gym, or there is a Pokemon, you are lucky. This means you can use it to promote your shop, restaurant or whatever it is. We can assure you that the number of visitors will significantly increase. For example, if you have a Pokemon inside or near your place, you can ask players to post screenshots on social media and tag your business – you can always rely on the power of social media.

Another way to take advantage of that power is to organize events for Pokemon trainers at your place. The word spreads with light speed on social platforms so the results will be fast.

For instance, if it happens that your place is a Pokestop, you have the option purchase lure modules. Lures attract Pokemon to that location for 30 minutes. Everyone playing the game in your area will see the lure and they will be able to come and catch Pokemon. Some stores have already tried it and it turned out to be a good return-on-investment. Find the right timing and you might be even surprised by the outcome. Especially if you offer a refreshing drink or ice cream for the players to enjoy the sunny weather.

Using the name of the game

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to sponsor a Pokestop (become one), but the developers are working on this feature.

A thing you can do to attract players to your local business even if you are not that close a Pokestop or a Pokemon, is that you can give them some discount for being trainers – offer them a 10% off the purchase if they have a collection of Pokemon – the so-called Pokedex or a small gift based on their level in the game. You can get creative and come up with great promotional stuff.

This is what it is – a game came and it is already changing a lot – from the way we play mobile games (not sitting on the couch but interacting with others in real life) to the way, businesses can be promoted.

And it all happened in just a few weeks. Imagine what is yet to come! We hope it’s good.

We will keep you up to date with the news about Pokemon GO and how you can use it to promote your company.


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