This year came with many changes. As most of you have probably noticed, the interface of Facebook is constantly evolving, for better or worse. Mark Zuckerberg’s design team has bet on simplicity in order to make the user experience easier and more enjoyable.

Are you wondering how this would affect the ad format Facebook is using? Well, this is something that we are yet to discover, but we can give you 7 awesome tips that can certainly bring huge success to your next Facebook advertising.

Tip #1 – Define Your Goals

Setting up the right objectives will help you plan your Facebook Ad Campaign. Your goals could be to generate leads, promote products and services, bring people to your local business, create brand awareness, etc. Choosing a clear goal should always be your first step so you can continue building up your campaign.

Tip #2 – Choose the Right Ad Format

Facebook give us the opportunity to choose from a few different ad formats. We have made a list of the possible formats and what are the benefits of each so you can easily pick what fits your purpose best.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Probably we don’t have to say much to convince you that you definitely need a visual to raise brand awareness. Putting a photo on a Facebook advert is an easy way to get people’s attention.

Videos allow you to engage the audience with the story of your business. With the right targeting, you can reach people who most likely to be interested in your business.

Carousel format gives you the opportunity to put up to 10 images or videos in one single advert. Each of these images/videos might have its own link and people see them by swiping left and right. With this format, you have more space to be creative and engage the audience with your ad.

Slideshows have the benefit of grabbing the attention as much as videos while being easy and time-efficient when it comes to production. They also load quickly and are less dependent on the speed of internet connection.

The canvas ads give you great opportunity to create anything you wish. This full-screen ad format can help you interact with your audience by making them click, swipe, tilt, and zoom. Facebook also says that Canvas ads load faster than the standard mobile web.

This format is great for those of you who want to showcase many products with a single ad. They are full-screen ads which allow users to browse without leaving Facebook and if someone is interested in one of your products, the ad sends them to your own website or app.

Tip #3 – Reduce the Text

Designers love to say that “Less is more”. But everyone can agree that nowadays life is going fast and we don’t really spend much time reading what’s written in ads. So when you are building your campaign, this about efficiency – try to put in words only something that cannot be seen on the visuals. What’s more, pick your words carefully.

Tip #4 – Use Quality Images

It’s not so hard to find high-quality imagery on the Internet in 2017. Many professional and semi-professional photographers and designers strive to be noticed so they share their work for free (yet don’t forget to give them credits). Size also matters when it comes to successful Facebook ads so make sure your visuals have the proper dimensions.

Tip #5 – Show People Enjoying Your Product

Despite the fact that there are many great stock photos, making your own images is always better. It will be even better if you can set a scene where ordinary people (famous ones wouldn’t hurt as well) are enjoying your product or service. Whatever you sell, you can present it in an attractive way. For example, if you are selling ice cream, ask some of your customers to be a part of your campaign and then in return, you can give him a gift card for several ice creams. This is an approach that might bring you huge success.

Tip #6 – Make Sure the Timing is Right

Taking the example we used above, it wouldn’t be a good idea to release a Facebook ad campaign showcasing people in shorts eating ice cream in the sun in November. (well, at least not in Denmark). You should always choose the right time to run your ads. This includes not only seasons but also times of the day – weekends, mornings and evenings tend to have the highest activity.

Tip #7 – Test & Analyze

Needless to say, you should test and analyze your Facebook ad campaign in order to save money and get better results. It is possible to edit your ad all the time during your campaign so if you notice that something is not working properly, go ahead and change it. Moreover, don’t be afraid to try out different target audiences, formats, and times of the day.

Facebook Advertising has brought online marketing to a whole new level. So why not let it bring your company’s digital strategy awesome results?

If you need help building your Facebook Ad Campaign, we are here to help you. Contact us.

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