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We create products from idea to final launch and we are ready to help you with web & mobiledesign, branding, iOS-development and frontend. Here are some of our services.


At Crunch we make tailor made websites in responsive design, which can be seen on PC, tablets and smartphones.

We place great emphasis on ensuring that your website is suitable for all devices.

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If you are considering getting a webshop, Crunch can help you out. We can make a webshop tailored  to your needs. Your products will be displayed in a attractive and modern way, and everyone will have access to see them anytime and anywhere.

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Your marketing strategy is how, what, where, when and to who you want to deliever your message. Where you advertise is a crucial part of your online identity.

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If you need a logo or feel like your current logo is outdated, we can create the logo that you’re dreaming about. We can also design business cards, posters, flyers or what else you may want for print.

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Branding is essentially the most important aspect of any business – small or large, retail or B2B.

An effective branding strategy can take you a big step forward in your business.

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Web hosting is provided by a provider that offers a physical location for storing websides and files. You can have your website safe and good at Crunch, and you’ll have the opportunity to have everything at the same place.

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“I have been guided extremely professional and skilled at Crunch. The results of the guidance are talking from themselves. Both the website and the advice I received have really had a positive impact on our bottom line. Crunch understand customer need and capacity. I can only give Crunch my best recommendation.”

Klaus Reinhold
Jettes Bus


 “Madkulturen highly recommends Crunch as a partner for development and design of large contentious websites, such as www.klogefødevareindkø Crunch was both knowledgeable, full of ideas and service minded, so we would like to use them again.”

Hanne Seidler


“Crunch has helped us by creating our website, template for powerpoint, business card and letterhead. Throughout the progress Crunch came with a lot of qualified and creative inputs for the design. Crunch works very structured and ensures continuous progress in the projects. We therefore recommend Crunch.”


Lars Kallestrup


We help our clients choose the best solutions that fit exactly their needs. We make specially designed package solutions with simple websites that are easy to edit if needed.


The new websolution for you!

This year Crunch launched a new concept called Simplify Web! It is a new website solution for all our clients. With Simplify Web you’ll get a website in a easy and fast way. The only thing you need to do, is to choose one of our themes. We’ll suit the theme so it fits your company. It has never been easier to get a new website.

Visit to get more information about all the functions.


Save money with our support voucher.

Now you can get discount on regular hourly rates by purchasing a support voucher. The vouchers can be used to maintain your website. Payment usually takes place per. hour but with a support voucher, it is calculated per 15 minutes.

The support voucher can be used for:

  • Updating content on a website
  • Minor adaptation of the design
  • General help for the admin system
  • Support, if there is an error on the page
crunch klippekort


Crunch is a digital agency that has existed since 2010. It is founded and managed by Adam Kischinovsky.

Our team has great knowledge in online visibility. Crunch focuses on developing websites, design, support and development of marketing strategies.

crunch team


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You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions concerning our services.

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