Crunch has collected 6 tips for your next business meeting.

Don’t talk about private topics

Many would like to have an almost close friendship with their customers or partners, but be careful not to go too fast. Stay away from topics like religion, politics and even money, as they are all potential mining fields for awkward and harmful discussions.

Beware of “I”

Many tend to be caught by what they want and expect themselves in a business discussion – but beware as it can quickly make you seem selfish or aggressive.

In order to prevent your customers or partners from getting the wrong impression of you, instead of the word “I” try to use the word “we” and “ours”. In that way, you include them in your wishes and expectations and you seem genuinely interested.

Don’t improvise

Some people are comfortable with improvising an entire meeting and think that their abilities and expertise can easily lead them through. This is often seen as unprofessional behavior. Regardless of whether you are in a meeting or even holding it, you should always be prepared and informed about the purpose of the meeting.

Be a good listener

Holding a meeting for demotivated people is one of the worst scenarios. When someone are demotivated, it shows all the others that they are simply not interested and there may not come constructiveness out of the meeting.

A motivated mind can generate beneficial discussion and provide feedback, which is important to show everybody respect. Always give them your full attention.

Always summarize in the end

During a meeting people can easily focus on different things, misunderstand or remember incorrectly. Therefore, it is a good idea to always sum up all the important points from the meeting at the end so that all participants are on the same page. This can also help break down big items into smaller bites, so everyone subsequently remembers what you agreed on.


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